Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time for tea anyone?

A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend and I went into the Brisbane Arcade and had our tea leaves read!
What a find!! It's this fabulous old and daggy shop with stained paintings, old crusty towells hanging up on the wall and two older bent-over ladies - one to read the leaves , the other to get your snack, pot of tea and chat.

On the menu - a lovely home-printed A4 sheet with garish unicorns as decoration...was toasted sandwiches, scones (yes, home-made and to die for!) AND who remembers SAO's biscuits? Well, you can order some or Rivita's with cheese and tomato!! Delightfully old fashioned and simple fare but simply perfect xx

Then it was on to the reading!! In the bottom of my cup was the shape of a lovely old tree (its meaning forgotten!) She went on to see a Kiwi bird - interesting after my missed trip to New Zealand week after next!
I was also told I will live somewhere up high and look out over everything like a giraffe!
The number 3 is important as is a person in my life who's name starts with J.....
time will tell!!!

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  1. I love the first pic and the last.... so pretty!