Sunday, April 5, 2009

My new favourite location

It's funny how I like to eat, work, shop and play in definate favourite areas for a bit and then move on! For weeks I ate nothing but watermelon, now I'm onto easter eggs!
My son has inherited this quirky habit - eating tacos every night for the last 6 months!!
It also affects my work...for the last few months I've been shooting everyones
portraits at Cedar Creek on the gorgeous big rocks out there.
Then I had a swing and my favourite new spot is Slaughter Falls - just perfect
big trees, shade, moss, ferns and water....perfection
( for a while anyway!)
These photos are of a beautiful family,
with children that posed easily and were fun to work with.
If only all were like this!!

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  1. Oh Taryn, as always they are lovely... I love the one holding the tree branch.