Wednesday, April 29, 2009

time for tea...

Yesterday afternoon I found myself re-arranging all the ornaments around the house. A few months ago I remember seeing a few tea cups lined up on a window sill
in a magazine and I just had to try it too!

Very cute and as I don't get them out often, it's nice to see my collection of tea cups.

The polka dot ones were my grandmothers and seem very 'Alice in Wonderland' and dreamy.
Some I got from daggy old Spotlight, others the antique shop in Paddington,
so I have an eclectic mix!

Then we have the special one...survived being posted back from England from my good friend Narelle as a gift to me, not sure how old it is or anything, but I love it and treasure it.


  1. Looks great Taryn. I dont know which would be my favourite. What is it with Tea Cups? They always make us feel so good. Is it the subconscious feeling of friends and the warmth of a nice cup of Tea? Like a good song that takes you back....

  2. Oh my stars, how good do they look. I can't wait to play with my crazy tea set and try something like this. My Ninnie (grandma) started my collection and it is one of my treasures. What a beautiful way to share it.