Friday, June 12, 2009

Back to reality!

This morning it's freezing cold here... I've got the heater on high so I can get into making things for the Boutique Markets on Sunday at Portside 8am-1pm (let's hope it's a bit warmer then early in the morning!!)
I've been collecting nice papers to make into greeting cards and gift tags and yesterday I made some up and I love the result of something a bit different with round photographs and machine stitching over the top.
If you're in Brisbane this weekend....come and visit me at the markets!


  1. Hi Taryn, that was lovely to meet you at the Beautiful Boutique Market yesterday, your stall looked stunning;)
    Happy Monday;)

  2. Hey Taryn, Currently searching for quotes to go around the tea cup picture. I think they were a great idea. Heading over to get those items we discussed, tomorrow. Kind regards, Lisa.

  3. Hi Taryn,

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful !
    I love these cards too !

    Katherine x