Friday, July 24, 2009

Bit tired today...but a good tired from having fun!!
Last night my girlfriends and I made a night of it at the Gidget Foundation Fundraiser at the Iceworks in was a really good night for such a good cause and one close to my heart - motherhood and all its challenges.
We enjoyed some rare adult time, enjoyed a nice glass of bubbly and chatted away. I gave my canvas to a new home and came home further inspired to look after myself more......
so today it's a trip to Ikea and then doing a mountain of work so I can relax over the weekend.
The kids have a Cowboy and Indian party tomorrow - I'm taking photos of it for the parents, so will dress up too and get into the spirit of it all!
DD flys home from Singapore on Sunday, so then the weekend will feel complete!
Have a gorgeous day x


  1. sounds like a wonderful evening & great day planned.
    Glad your canvas has a new home & some well deserved funds for the foundation.
    enjoy the party tomorrow :)

  2. Just one word before the page crash again!!
    I wish I was there;)and hope you had Ikea Fun fest today ;)