Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Look what just arrived!!!
A trolley for me to cart all my gear in and out of the markets.....
amazing such a plain old thing can be so exciting - I do love internet shopping!
Last night I started out looking through an old magazine as nothing worth watching was on TV.....30 magazines from my stash later and I have pages and pages of scribbles with new ideas for all sorts of things!
I need more blank cards, presentation ideas and a little surprise I'm working on to give each customer!!! So I dressed the kids, packed lunchboxes, wrote a shopping list and given them the speech on "behaving and you'll get a treat"....when we get to the door and I realise I left my keys for the house and the car in DD's car :(
No trip out anywhere to get supplies today!
BUT.....we're lucky enough to live a few blocks from Funky Fabrics (divine, heavenly place!),
so raincoats on, umbrellas up and off we set. I must have circled it about 15 times getting more and more confused as to what I was looking for...so came out empty-handed (a definate first for me!) I wasn't sure if I was looking for my lounge room, my stall or really just for fun???
I have been inspired to change the colours on my business cards when they run out and here on the blog too.....so I need to find just the right shade of reddy-pink flowers...might have to wait until spring as blossoms would be nice or one of my other favourite flowers......
I want the red teamed with a light crisp blue colour - for those of you who know about HOT TOFFEE - I have some drop earrings with the red and blue together and I wear them almost constantly! So hopefully in the next couple of months I will have a new-looking blog...and for those of you who know me....will keep changing as often as I rearrange my house!!!!
Always too many ideas.....
better remember to keep my keys with me!

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  1. Looking forward to see your your new look when spring come;)My husband never know where he will find the sofa too;)Maybe it is a virus type thing;))One of Hot Toffee earings are on my list too I will treat myself hopefully Saturday!