Thursday, July 16, 2009

A sad day....

it is with great sadness I have to report that our poor darling little Dixi kitten got run over yesterday and passed away......
at least she didn't suffer and we gave her the happiest life and loved her to bits xxxx
I have Siena at home today with me as she was just devastated.....
to ease the sadness we have acted quickly and adopted a new baby which is helping a this is 7 week old Lou Lou and she is just lovely....
it's always nice to find the positives in sad situations, find someone to cuddle and feel happy again - so until next week, I am being a full-time mum and letting all work wait....see you then....
we miss you so much Dix


  1. I am so sorry


  2. It's so sad to see them go ... they are such special friends.


  3. Oh no hope your little one is ok, I can't imagine our dog, as painful as he is sometimes, not being around. deb