Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That'll teach me!

Goodness gracious ankle is sooooooo sore and puffy.
Yesterday I was innocently driving to pick up the kids from school when I spied the most beautiful magnolia tree I've seen.....full of the biggest bowl-size blooms in the most delicate pink colour. It took me about 7 seconds to stop, turn around and knock on the door - as it was in someones front garden! No one home, so I took some photos anyway, as by now I was standing right next to it!!! (what's a girl to do) Just getting into it and I over-balanced on the dodgy rock wall and fell, twisting my ankle really hard. So maybe I should learn something from way! I'm glad I didn't bump the camera :)


  1. Aie!!!!So sorry to hear about that...I hope your ankle will get better soon, and it is not toooo painful Taryn?These pics are so beautiful I can see how you could not resist it ;)I saw something today driving back from school too and funnily thought about you it was a big great tree full of Orange flowers and no leaves!!But I stayed in the car;)...I hope you will get little helpers around home now?...:)

  2. ouch!! hope you are back on your feet soon (no pun intended)
    but I must say it was definitely worth getting out of the car for these gorgeous images.
    get better soon x

  3. I say if you need to break a leg to get shot like these, then I say go for it, girl! I, too, would have broken my neck from craning in wonder if I saw these blooming nearby. Just stunning.