Monday, July 27, 2009

A week ago today.....

This time last week I was heading up the coast....the sun was of MY choice playing....enjoying time to myself....leaving the city and then spending the day with the lovely Sandrine and all her divine creations! Check her out at SMBoutique.
Oh, and did I mention a lovely coffee in a gorgeous orangically-shaped cup and saucer with fresh pastries and then a simple but amazing chiken salad for lunch! This isn't 'work' is it??

What I love most is the textures and shapes - a smooth button on furry felt, a swirl, a curve....
her work is so neat and you can see the love and attention she puts into each one.....each hat or scarf is an art work as well as fashion.

As someone who LOVES a beret, I'm thinking of putting one on my birthday wish-list!
Anyway...for now, I will have another coffee and burn a disc of all the piccies for Sandrine and head to the post office - have a great day.


  1. Oh Wow Taryn,I am almost wordless, your work is amazing!!!I am really enjoying seeing my work through the eye of Taryn Newland you are such a talented artist! These pics are so beautiful and now I can not wait to see the rest...Thank you very much for all your kind words that was an absolute pleasure to have you for the day ;) Sandrine x

  2. these are gorgeous Taryn! I love the second one and the beret too!

  3. wow Taryn!!!
    Sandrine's creations are AMAZING but you have definitely given them a new dimension.