Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby shower! sister's baby shower was yesterday and all went really well - even if the house today is another story!! I have to show you all the 'little bits' which I love doing and I'm cranky I forgot to take a photo of the little plastic babies I froze in shot glasses and had lined up on the windowsil.....but, you get the idea!

Thanks to the Mondo Cherry girls for this fabulous decorating idea.

Milk bottles!

Oh so cute onesie suit biccies.

Three fabulous women! My mum, sister and me.

Lou Lou spent the party taking it easy on the bed!


  1. the day after is always another story isn't it. looks like you all had a fantastic time & the decorating looks fabulous. goodluck to your sis on her new adventure ♥

  2. Wow Taryn what a fabulous baby shower you did prepare!I love the photo of the 3 gorgeous ladies!!and all the best to you sister and family;)xx