Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday season!

Well, I have to say I think my children have had much better social lives than we have lately!
Each weekend seems to bring on another birthday party to go to....
some take the cake so to speak!!
I love all the ideas and effort parents put in and really make it a lot of fun.
This first one was a cowboys and Indian party....

This next one was an army party!
A few of the dads took the children into the forest where they laid in wait for the ambush group...then there was water balloons, games and races!
So much fun.

Remind me next year when my kids birthdays roll around to book Maccas or an equivalent!!


  1. I laughed much Birthday party here too ;))But not soooo well organised!

  2. Cripes, what happened to pin the tail on the donkey and cheerios and cordial? Lisa.