Friday, September 18, 2009

Masses and masses of petals!

For those of you who read the Boutique Markets blog - forgive me for doubling up today - but I just couldn't bear not to post way too many of these gorgeous Ranunculus flower shots I took this week! They are one of my favourite flowers - ever so full of delicate layers and layers of petals. I'm determined to get going on creating my new range of cards and gifts for christmas in the next few weeks and hopefully have them ready for the next market - as scary as it sounds - there's only 3 left before Chrissy!!!


  1. they are devine!!! a friend gave me some the other day & I just fell in love wit them. how could you not take out the camera.
    hope you have a great weekend ♥

  2. Beautiful, Taryn. Thanks for sharing them. Lisa.

  3. Delighful pics Taryn (as usual!)only 3....yes scary I did not realised!!!