Monday, October 12, 2009

Advice needed please!

Hello bloggers.....I'm really trying to motivate myself to do some new work for the next few markets and one idea I've had for ages is to try and transfer photos onto wood - I saw something similar on better Homes and Gardens once but now forget what they said!! Does anyone know what you use and how etc?? I had a feeling it was gel medium - is there only one sort? and do I use normal photos on photo paper or is it better to use photos printed on just plain white photocopy paper?? As I am still feeling beyond sick and stuck to my sick bowl...I don't have much motivation to try all these options yet and was after someone to give me a few hints - pretty please!!!!!


  1. I know (and have some medium) for transferring onto metal and did some stuff on wood and rocks years ago... I'll see what I can find. Sorry that you're still feeling crap!

  2. Oh I see someone come to the rescue, yay!!Because even in my dream I could not help...I send you some feel better wishes now Taryn...Hopefully it won't be too long untill it should settle!xx

  3. Hi Taryn,

    found these links, have never used it but thought it may be worth a look

    goodluck and let us know what you come up with.