Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eden Romantica

I finally made it round to my sisters last week to do some serious cuddling and of course take a few photos of my divine little neice!
If you read the Boutique Markets Blog - you'd know I'd got some gorgeous 'Eden Romantica' roses to use....but little Miss seemed to know everytime I'd put the roses by her and she'd wake up, wave her arms sending them flying and start crying....so I didn't really get what I'd planned
but still nice!
Thank you everyone for my lovely birthday wishes - I had a great day yesterday! Saw Julie and Julia - and I LOVED it...I mean what's not to love - Paris, cooking, blogs!!!
I came home very inspired but ended up having subway for tea and falling asleep in a tired sick heap as usuall!
This morning sickness is really taking a toll on me and I'm over it now please baby....I don't even feel like shopping anymore :( !!!


  1. Beautiful photos Taryn! Such a precious little girl too.

  2. you really have captured that beautiful essence of the newborn - they are such special little beings- brings back wonderful and fond memories for me as a mum. Love your work : )Sis must be delighted