Monday, November 9, 2009

A different side to the markets!

Little Miss S and I went shopping together yesterday at the Boutique Markets!!
It was really fun wandering around without rushing, being able to stop and talk to friends without looking over my shoulder AND being able to shop shop shop!
Next month I will be back on deck as a stall holder again now that I am feeling a teeny bit better, but oh it was nice being the customer for once....I have been keeping the camera only for jobs lately, so I have no piccies to show you today.....sometimes I just need a break!
Speaking of breaks - I'm very excited as Miss S and I have booked ourselves 4 days in Sydney just before christmas as a special mummy/daughter treat before a new baby arrives.
As she was born there, she wants to see our old Pyrmont pad and surrounds where she and I used to pound the pavements when she cried as a baby! We'll also do the zoo for her, Paddington Markets for me, a beach visit, a ferry ride, the art gallery, shopping, aquarium and all the other things I miss about living in Sydney - seeing old friends and showing off my little girl! Can't wait.


  1. Was great to see you and little Miss S on Sunday, what a great idea to have a mum and daughter special time...xx

  2. How exciting! When you told me a while ago about Miss S wanting to go on a mum and daughter trip to Sydney I thought it was just so sweet! Have a great time.