Friday, November 20, 2009

Don't you just love it when birthdays go on for weeks!!!
Yesterday I met up with the lovely Rachael - one of the fabulous organisers from the Boutique Markets for lunch and was just what I needed inbetween hours at my other job and I came away feeling very spoilt!
So this morning I am having a gorgeous cup of tea in my pressie from her - I love the way the pink of the saucer and that of the cup is ever so slightly different.
Wish me luck as I am now off to a dear friends to photograph her new baby - but am feeling sick with insecurity as she is a wonderful photographer and very technically perfect where as I just shoot what I like and never worry about things like studios, lights etc.
Still as she is a mother with two children under 2...I realise how imposible it would be for her to do any photographs at all, so my interpretation will be appreciated I'm sure...just got to get over my nerves!!!
Happy weekend x

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