Thursday, December 10, 2009


Pretty in pink wraps

cute shoes!

I'm living in complete denile today! I have a very overdue wedding to photoshop, a few portraits as well, wedding album to do, market stock to make, 2 kids at home
and a very very messy dirty house!!!!
BUT hey...all that can wait....I've just made a cup of tea and am settling down to leaf through some old magazines in search of inspiration for the baby's room!! as you do. I am also sharing some of my stash of teeny clothes I'm collecting!
It's a small room with a timber floor and corner white sash windows....I have a chest of dark timber drawers that will double as a change table and a dear friend is lending me a gorgeous dark timber sleigh cot.....SO, apart from wanting some pink somewhere I am still very undecided as to a colour scheme etc. My favourites are pink and red, pink and green, pink and brown.....
anyone have any ideas for me? When I had my first daughter we rented a tiny apartment in Sydney and as we didn't find out the gender, it had lots of yellow and primary colours, so I do feel a need for something much more pretty and girly!
Any and all ideas and inspiration welcome!

A little top DD came home with from his last Paris trip

All-in-one suits in shades of pink!

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  1. Well, you know I'm all for red and pink! Mind you, I STILL haven't done the little one's room so I'm probably not a lot of help. I love some of the wall decals out at the moment though.

    Love the clothes collection you have going!