Monday, February 22, 2010

Wrapping up..... is the little man who's belly button was featured!
My last shoot and photoshopping etc for a while - I had a great sense of satisfaction wrapping the box of photos up with a pretty ribbon.
Over the weekend I booked my first wedding after the baby for October this year - the little lady will be about 7 months old, so will be fine without me for a day and by then I'm sure I'll be itching to get back into it all too!! I've also decided to re-vamp the blog and use my maternity leave to change direction a little and concentrate on what I love stay tuned for a new look in the next few months.
Until then I will bore you with my home-based creations xx
P.S. The Nursery wallpaper came today - soooo excited I want to hang it NOW and get everything ready.

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