Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chocolate and wine....

Poppies by Lake Geneva

Swiss flags in an old alleyway

Well, DD has returned from another of his work trips to Switzerland and France.
(I've got to get myself a job like this one day - minus the work part mind you!)
The European summer is around the corner and these images jumped out at
me and have inspired a new and strong wanderlust....
oh, when can I go back to wander the cobblestones,
loose myself and dream, camera in hand?
Until then, the Swiss chocolate on the sideboard will have to do!

Red and yellow bliss

divine cobblestones

cute Swiss chocolate frogs

Paris from the air - fantastic to see all the Avenues radiating out from L'Arc de Triomphe

Very Baroque Bordeaux fountain

Chateav Smith Havt Lafitte

Groovy Jazz band!

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  1. Ohh I love watching those photos Taryn, Thanks for sharing :)I hope you are all keeping well,hmmmmmm I wish you a job like that too, and perhaps I will apply at your assistant position then!:)xx