Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Three stud walls are up!!!
It's been fantastic to see work progress so I'm trying to organise someone to make up the windows to match the ones on the existing house, so work will slow down or stop for a few weeks while we wait for them I'm guessing. I will have to be patient and get on with all the other things happening here - 2 weeks school holidays, my mother in law visiting from the Uk for 3 weeks, a holiday out to the Granite belt AND the christening for Aurelia with 30 odd people back here for lunch in a building site!!!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Your house is just beautiful Taz. Enjoy the next few weeks even though they will be busy ones. xx

  2. Hi Taryn!
    how is life going with the little one?
    looks like you are busy, busy, busy!!
    thanks for stopping by, great to see a comment from you.
    happy weekend and enjoy the school holidays ♥

  3. Hi there! Just saw your name on ME's blog and had to pop over and say hello - my little girl(well, almost 19 year old daughter) is also a Taryn, quite a rarety in the UK!

    Love your photo's!