Monday, March 21, 2011

Double digits!

I have to admit I've been very slack at my own blog lately!!
With doing 2 others and working here and there...
time and energy get the better of me and another week has flown by.  
This weekend I really enjoyed being at home for once and we celebrated my first-born's 10th birthday!  
I bravely took 5 little ladies to the theatre to see the Big Friendly Giant - it was great and we all loved it.  We then got drive-thru junk food and came home to 'THE dessert bar'...every sprinkle and topping you could imagine putting on icecream I'd put in china teacups...
and to be honest - was MUCH easier than doing a cake!!!  
They then did the sleep-over thing watching movies, throwing popcorn and having pillow fights.
Simple pleasures.

1 comment:

  1. You have such a wonderful talent for making the oh so plain into something oh so amazing. I cannot believe that I keep scrolling back to look at sprinkles in a cup!! You are truly blessed - I love your work!!