Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life of a mother!

Well, I have to say I'm feeling like I'm getting too old sometimes to keep up with what I want to do!
We had a lovely week up near Port Douglas...but really when you have 3 small children and one needs a special diet and another is still a baby...you don't ever really get a break or much relaxing time in do you...still, enjoyed seeing lots of gorgeous places!
We then came home, DD flew off to Paris again and we had our friends and their 2 children stay with us, so was fun seeing them excited about seeing koalas and having a BBQ for tea!! 
 I then used up lots of babysitting favours with my family and flew to Sydney for the day Saturday for the combined Boutique and Mathilda's Markets.  Enjoyed a fabulous day - the crowds were amazing and I did really well selling my lovely wall art...still - lesson learnt...go down the night before...after packing 3 children up, and falling into bed rather late, Qantas texted me at midnight to say my 6am flight was cancelled...got on the 6.30 which ended up being delayed and delayed...so I was the one flustered and stressed and setting up my stall at 9.30am after the market had started!
I can tell you, I am still tired beyond belief, the washing pile is about 9 loads deep at least and my neck is in serious need of a massage or something stronger...can't wait for bed tonight.
Sorry - just had to have a bit of a complain today :)

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