Sunday, January 15, 2012


I've got  a secret that is so sweet it seems a little sad to let it out as keeping it close to my heart makes it even more delicious - do you find that sometimes too?
BUT, it almost hasn't seemed real it's so out of my maybe sharing will make it real!!
In April I'm off to spend 10 glorious days in New York city!!!!!!!
Three of my lovely girlfriends and I, from playgroup days, are celebrating a special birthday and after talking about it for years, we finally used up all our frequent flyer points (and our husbands, father's sister's - you name it...we begged borrowed and accepted gifted points!)
So, here we are all booked and starting to make lists of all the things we want to see!
Have any of you been and want to share any little gems?


  1. So jealous! I got married (the first time) and missed my booked trip to NY in 1984, and I've never made it there since either. You must be so excited!

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