Friday, April 17, 2009


Reality is creeping holidays are nearly over and it's the last
weekend before lunchboxes, uniforms and early starts again.
For the first time, I've enjoyed the whole two weeks with my darlings
and I don't want it to end...I think the older they get, the more fun we've been
able to have without sleeps, nappies and all that!!
I've also enjoyed actually having TIME to tidy the house properly for once and as a result have found new inspiration in half finished projects that have sat in the store room for 6 months
(or longer - I still have a box of photos from a Europe trip I did in
1996 that needs doing...but that's another story!)
I also loved seeing Siena and Dante make elaborate cubbies under the table, paint,
play with matchbox cars for hours (and yes, fight a bit too)
But that's what it's all about!
So, this being the last hurrah, I need to do something this weekend a bit more
exciting than mowing the lawn and cooking...I just need to decide!
A day trip to good old Byron, Melany or.......
My feet have been SO itchy this year I can hardly sit still - I must be driving my gorgeous husband mad - can we live in Europe? can we holiday in Broome this year? New Zealand?
Ok Ok...even Stanthorpe or Carnarvon Gorge?
I'm so desperate, I nearly went camping!!!
In true character for me, I've compensated by rearranging furniture and have convinced Dave that we really need to paint the lounge it's off to Bristol after work for me!
Have a good weekend.


  1. So inspiring to know you have completed projects, had fun with the kids AND managed to clean properly, Taryn! This is a constant balancing act for me... Sigh. When will someone whack 10 more hours on each day...

  2. gosh I love that pic, so 'in the moment'

  3. update: bed Bath and Table had a sale on and I had to stock up on lovely white pillowcases and a new quilt for Siena's room! Now I'll have to re do everything!!