Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Feline Lover

This is our divine Siena Juliet and yesterday I finally found a quilt for her new-ish double you do when you go into Bed Bath and Table looking for white pillow cases
and you find all these other treasures. I am re-organising the bedrooms and spring cleaning (well, Autumn cleaning) and just had to show you the end result of room number 1.

For those who don't know ...Siena is THE biggest cat fan EVER!
From birth I'm sure she has been part feline herself.
The challenge is to keep the number of cat toys in the bed with her to under 20.
"Pinky" pictured here is her favourite of all time and until we got Dixie the real cat this year, he was taken everywhere, now he still has to be there at night to cuddle.

We have collected hundreds of toy cats over the years and have everything from cat books, bags, pencil cases, stickers, writing paper, pillows (see above) blankets and even cutlery!
So keeping her room simple and uncluttered is always a challenge.

I made this bunting a couple of years ago for the cake stall at the school fete....then after a few outings for baby showers, parties etc I finally gave it a home in Si's room.

A find from Byron markets.

Last year my mother travelled to Scandinavia and Russia where
she got these gorgeous 'Russian Cats'.

And no little girls room is complete without little collections and trinkets
- cats in our case of course!


  1. Adorable! I made a felt flag set years ago for my son's 2nd birthday (he's now 6) and I love the idea of putting around the room - gorgeous.
    I bet Siena is purring...

  2. Such a beautiful photo of Si! Love the results of the room too.