Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's all about sleep at the moment!

Well, my latest obsession with all things bedding and linen is still going on this weekend and our room was next on the list. Gone are the yellowing pillow cases and dust under the bed.
Lovely fresh and clean white linen abound.

These shutters came with us from our old place in Ashgrove and I've sanded, painted and sanded a bit more to get my slant on the whole Tuscan idea I've had in my head since Dave and I stayed in Cortona back in 1999!

The story of our bed...on honeymoon in North Qld we stayed at Bloomfield Lodge near Cooktown and they had beds made by a local bushman...a few years later Dave tracked him down and had one made for us to our design, shipped down in pieces and my most treasured piece of furniture in the house!

All I need to do is wait until bedtime tonight to get back in it!!


  1. Oh how I love your shutters. The rest of the room (bed, linen, colours) are stunning too, but I just keep drooling over those shutters ... yum!