Thursday, June 18, 2009

Run run as fast as you can.....

Well, I've just come home from a full-on day at my 'other' job - running the kids schools uniform shop....I've missed deadlines for back to school orders...both kids had a tantrum in the IGA supermarket just now - I even got biten!!!....the house is a disaster....clothes need dinner yet.....and here I am, pretending it all doesn't exist!
Tomorrow is MY weekend away from it all....some girlfriends and I are heading up into the mountains for 2 nights and I can't wait. We're booked into the spa for an afternoon of pampering, I have wine, chocolate and cheeses to have by the log fire and some magazines to read....I want to go walking alone with my camera and do no cooking, no playing, no putting to bed, NOTHING
see you on the other side


  1. Have a beautiful, beautiful time and enjoy the space and quiet. Lisa x

  2. Oh la la!!!My dream weekend away!Hope you have a real great time;)