Monday, July 13, 2009

Lazy day....

Well the huge weekend is over and I survived! I must be getting old - my whole body aches, I'm beyond tired and my thumb is raw from holding the camera for so long!!
It's a good tired though....the markets went really well, lots of people and exposure....all my plans went well regarding children and helpers....the wedding was beautiful and I got lots of lovely, lovely photographs.....about 1,823 on my camera alone...yet to
download Nicole's (my fantastic assistant!) - so there'll be more!
So in all a busy busy long day but thank goodness it's student-free days today and tomorrow.....we've stayed home watching movies and venturing outside only for a quick bounce in the trampoline!
I'll try and post some wedding pics tomorrow....

I just love the photo confetti cards I made.... sold a few too and got lots of seemed to be a gift tag-day.....last month was the day I sold mainly cards....funny how it goes....


  1. it sounds like you definitely deserve a lazy day. hope you are enjoying it :) great about the market, your displays are beautiful!

  2. Your stall did look fabulous!

    I love the curtains on the sides too!


  3. I found your blog through my Brisstyle friend Sandrine from SM boutique. I love your photography, you're really gifted. Your cards look gorgeous too. Will you be at the next Boutique Market? I'm hoping to make it there this time.