Friday, July 10, 2009

Only 2 sleeps to go!!!

I'm in the thick of getting things ready for the new cards are nearly ready and I've got some new framed images I'm very pleased with!
It will be an operation planned with military detail and I have pages of lists so I don't forget anything! Two lovely friends are having a child each for the afternoon while DD is my driver around town while I'm shooting the Mum is doing the markets for the afternoon and packing assistant will meet me in the city...... taxis, gluten free food, car parks, locations, camera gear, car keys, car name it!!!
It will be a huge relief to actually just be at the markets on Sunday and have a coffee x

Dixi certainly isn't stressed or busy with me....I just had to
heave her off the edges of some cards!!
Hope to see lots of you Sunday - come and say hello
Portside 8am -4pm 12th July.


  1. Fantastic Taryn! goodluck, hope you have a terrific day :)

  2. Your cards look fabulous, See you there ;)