Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All things nice.....

Another day at home with a sick child for me....and handling the one who isn't sick who's bouncing off the walls being stuck inside is the most challenging!
So to have something fun inbetween all this....
My sister is expecting her first baby in October and last night I started to come up with some ideas for hosting the shower.....lemon and pink colour theme....morning tea - sandwiches, pink lemonade....
I ordered an oh-so-cute cookie cutter last night.... an all-in-one suit!
Decided on some sophisticated 'games' for want of a better word.
and as my sister is the sort to buy will be a 'book' party where all the guests bring a children's book for the baby.
When all are well, I will pay the Welsh Lady a visit for the cake.
Coming up with ideas and planning things is almost my favourite part!

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