Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Twas meant to be.....

Funny how things go.....after my thoughts on all things pink and girly baby showers for my sister....I was checking out one of my favourite blogs this morning - the very clever and talented Cathie from ME....and today she posted a recipie for Red Velvet Cupcakes!
I am now totaly inspired to make some for the shower - as you can see them on her blog BUT also topped with some pink Persian fairy floss I think.....should be divine.
Thanks Cathie!


  1. thanks Taryn! they sound fabulous especially with the pink persian fairy floss.
    can't wait to see your baby shower pics! you know how much I LOVE your images ♥

  2. A mix of Talent from Cathie and yourself is very promising!This belly looks like stretched to the MAX...just like mine was!But mine never recovered;)