Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fete day

What a perfect day for the school fete...the sun is brilliant and there's no wind, mud or freezing conditions! Yesterday a whole tribe of mums, dads and staff started putting together all the preparations....every year I am amazed at the amount of baking that arrives to be packaged and priced....the tables are filled to overflowing and heaving under a weight of sugar, chocolate and all things nice!! It was a long day setting up and carting gear here and there but well worth it when you see how lovely it all looks....I did come home with a new bag, apron, various slices, teatowells and jam, so we are well set up for a bit! I was thrilled the the end result of my 'Mondrian' wall of canvas's above and the greeting cards with a photo on the front and the recipie inside look fantastic - thank you Helen for ALL your talent and hard work xx


  1. My goodness - what a gorgeous looking school fete!

  2. Woo hoo!!!Maybe I will start taking lessons here!!That looks so good!Well done!

  3. that's one gorgeous looking fete!
    I remember when we had school fetes but I don't seem to recall them looking so great! wow again.