Friday, August 28, 2009

A grand-friend for a day

I just had to tell you about a lovely morning I had!
At the children's school it was grand-parents my parents are overseas swanning around New Zealand, my sister and I went. When I told the kids I could come, their responce was 'can we ask Lala....we want someone special'. Nice way to warm a mother's heart to hear she's not special enough!!! but that was soon forgotten as their little faces were so pleased to see us and so proud to show us their classrooms and work they are doing.
I got to do a little dance in music class with one and help out with some art with the other....we then had morning tea and went into the library as it's also book week.
Little Miss S showed me every single book in there that has cats in it!
Have a lovely weekend x

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  1. I always loved helping the children get ready for Grandparents day. It was such a happy time. Lisa.