Sunday, August 23, 2009


I meant to share these a couple of weeks ago......I photographed our schools class canvas's and these are my favourites from this year!
Each class gets a canvas and has each child contributes in some way to create a work of art to auction off at the fete.
I'm always amazed by the quality and great ideas.


  1. What a great idea but WOW!!! their work is amazing!I LOVE the peacock but they are all excellent...!

  2. What clever little people and creative teachers. Lisa.

  3. Amazing! I can't believe there are such talented kids out there. Wish I could have a couple of them. The paintings I mean. Already have a couple of my own kids...don't need anymore.

  4. Taryn, Thats a great idea. And can I say, they are amazing. I wish I had been at the Fete, I would have bid on a few of these peices myself.