Sunday, August 9, 2009

Market day wrap up!

Perfect weather for another fantastic Boutique Market day today!
Every time I set up my stall, it looks different and I'm sure it will continue to evolve every will my range of goods - starting with these lovely storage containers...I just adore the photos being lovely round circles.

My blue and red colour theme continues to come together...well the blue part so far!!

The climbing frame for plants looks great as a card disply!

I sold out of 'fairy bread' cards today...

.....and all these lovely new cards I made last night - heralding the imminent arrival of spring, using the cherry blossom and magnolia photos from last week!

Then, last but not least.....I had to buy a few treasures too!.....first on my list was a new collar for Lou and white spots from Pretapawte...doesn't she look adorable modeling it for me in the afternoon sun?
Well, I'm off to lie down - tired from such a big day!


  1. Oh Taryn, I love love love your new stall look, I even think it might win the best looking display award!Lou Lou looks "tres chic" in her new pretapawte red collar!!!
    Enjoy your rest feet hurt sooo much!

  2. Lou lou looks adorable! lovely to meet you today, your stall looks excellent

  3. Very swish, Lou Lou. Bit sad I missed those tins .. like the look of those. Impressed by the quick turnaround of the wrap up! Lisa.

  4. Taryn your stall looks fantastic & I absolutely LOVE your tins!