Friday, August 7, 2009

Treasures in the mailbox

Oh I love shopping on the internet!! Yesterday my cute cookie cutters arrived and although my sister's baby shower isn't until's so nice planning all the little details, like the onesie suit biccies!
All this is a lovely distraction from my miserable sick children....what a long week it's been....and I'm just hoping I don't get it next....
no way, I'm tough!
As another distraction, I'm packing up my gear to take to the Boutique Markets on Sunday and making a display wall and sculpture to hang some cards on - if I can get to Bunnings today....
wish me luck!!


  1. Love your cookie cutters, very cute! Good luck with your preparation...I am once again not organised enough...;(See you Sunday!

  2. Yummy! I have a HUGE collection of cookie cutters including a stunning many-part-piece snowflake. Can't wait to dig them out at Xmas time and get baking!

  3. oh yay, cookie cutters, love them. I have also bought from there and I think the onesie is next on the list.
    hope your littlies are better soon & hope you have a great day on Sunday.