Monday, November 2, 2009

I can't resist.....

New Chrissy decorations!!!!
I am one of those christmas-loving people....I love everything about it.....can't get sick of hearing carols, want the tree up NOW....dream of menus....and have a soft spot for nativity scenes!
This year DD and I are hosting the family christmas at our place - and for once we are going to indulge him and have the traditional hot christmas lunch on christmas day instead of our usuall christmas eve. As DD is from the mother country, he wants to do an 'English' christmas this year from roast turkey, stuffing and gravy to brandy butter, pudding and board games!
I must admit to being very excited about it and when I was out last week just had to pick up these lovely santa Russian Dolls and new decorations below that match my loose Scandinavian theme to a T.
Bring on December xx

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