Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tea or coffee?

I have to report I've finished my last portrait job, I'm in the process of laying out the last wedding album and I have 2 days left to work at my part-time job!!!
So to congratulate myself...I've been having friends over, play dates for the kids and trips to the park most days this week after I've done the usuall morning 'get in and get something done routine'.
I wish we could do this a bit more in non-holiday time....we are all enjoying having lots of time and having nowhere we have to be by a certain time! time time time is the secret.
So I've found myself baking most days and asking 'tea or coffee' an awful lot - DD bought an automatic coffee machine a couple of weeks the novelty of making my own latte's and cappuccinos is still strong and it's lovely to serve up a proper cup to people!
Today's selection includes my grandma's orange and lemon cake......mmmmmmmm (so quick to demolish it, we didn't even get a photo!)
How are you filling the school holidays?


  1. Taryn, I find it just amazing that you can take simple things in life, photograph them and they always look like they have come straight out of magazine. You are very talented.

  2. Beautiful roses, just love the photographs.

  3. i love these pics Taryn!
    hope you are doing well