Thursday, March 18, 2010

Interior Design

Good morning!
Finally took some photos of my new treasures from last week...a lovely blue cup and saucer, cushions and a frame.
Last Friday we got the plans off our wonderful, wonderful architect for the new room and I was really impressed with her ideas, so this week has me measuring books and desk heights and lengths so I can give her the go ahead with the design we've picked. I just adore it and can't wait to have the extra space.
It will be a family room of sorts with desk space for homework etc and 2 big window seats with drawers under for toys and they will also double as beds for guests and kiddy sleepovers! So, now I'm trying to decide on upholstery fabric, paint colours, window treatments and carpet choices.....
I've always loved white window shutters....but as fate would have it, we spent the weekend down at Salt near Kingscliffe and they had them there and I must say I hated actually using them! They took up too much room open, jammed in the tracks and didn't keep out enough light or noise. Next!
Wishing you a fantastic day, the sun is shinning here for a change and I'm getting frocked up for a girly lunch!!!!


  1. I love the window seats with drawers, very multi functional. I have friends in Sydney with something very similar and they love it.
    A bit of luck with the window shutters! A case of try before you buy.

  2. Wow, the new plans do sound exciting indeed! Love the new finds too!