Saturday, March 6, 2010

A rainy rainy day

Hello! For those of you not in SE has been wet and rainy now for what seems like weeks and weeks and WEEKS. Today was very grey with soft constant rain and being Saturday there was no better place to be than home with absolutely no plans for the day....the low cloud enveloped us inside like a cocoon. Apathy has taken hold and I can't even be bothered to get the camera out...but I will in the week hopefully with much-improved light! However, we did achieve hanging the curtain rods in the nursery - well done DD! I redecorated the entrance stand with birdcages, frames and blue ginger pots....and added a few knick knacks around the place in my new favourite colour of the moment - duck egg blue. Miss S did lots of craft and Master D continued to annoy the cat!
Have been rather slack lately with the whole blogging thing - but I better get you used to it once the new baby arrives anyway....33 weeks now and a lot of my time is taken up with timing food, glucose testing, scans and appointments with all sorts of specialists due to gestational diabetes - just something new for me third time round!
The last of the light is fading and I have pulled out all the stops and have an organic chicken and vegies roasting in the oven...steamed cauli with cheese sauce and lots of gravy awaiting us for dinner!
What's on your plate tonight??


  1. aw yum yours sounds much better... I had a burger at an adventurers outing!

  2. Hey Taryn! Thinking of you and your wee one. Hope time is passing without too many problems. Lots of positive vibes and blessings to you all. Lisa x

  3. thx Lisa! having a simply awfull time....she's going to have to be a great baby to make up for this! Hope you are all well xxx