Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Groovy Baby!!

Introducing the.....Groovy Gripper!!!
A fantastic and very clever rusk, food and utensil holder designed by 2 local mums I know.
I took some photos for them yesterday of it in action and boy I wish they'd thought of it when my first 2 were younger - would have saved me heaps of dropped and broken rusks!
It can clip onto their clothing, bib or go around a childs wrist....I also love the fork and spoon attachments. Genious idea ladies!!!
If any of you out there who are mums and would like to get one of these Groovy Grippers...just visit here or look out in your local Bubs baby shop, Mama's Home or many other outlets listed on the website.
Save money, save time, save waste.
Thanks to my wonderful models yesterday....scroll down to see one from behind the scenes!!!


  1. How very cool! I think I'll have to get one of those! Great photos too Taz!

  2. That last photo is PRICELESS! xx

  3. I LOVE that last pictures too! How clever ladies!No more babies for me, but I may need to get one for when I get really old too :) hehehe xx